There are a lot of opinions out there about sunscreens. Both camps argue valid points. The advocates fear bad burns and abnormal moles gone awry while those opposed will warn of parabens and other toxic chemicals. Then of course there’s the “sun-saluters” who’ll tell you to expose your bare, un-screened skin to 15 minutes of rays a day, in order to fill up on necessary Vitamin D.

The truth of the matter is that skin cancer is a real and scary thing, and for some sun sans screen is not an option. If you’re like me and dare not spend more that 30 minutes under the warm summer sky without protection, you’ve got to explore this link… EWG’s 2010 Sunscreen Guide… Discover which sunscreens are the safest to use and which pose as much of a threat as those dreaded UV rays.

I was shocked to learn that some of the worst sunscreens out there are the ones we’re smearing on children.

Does your lotion measure up? Find out before your next sunny outing!

Happy Summer!