Almost a week has gone by and I haven’t written a thing about the Diabetes Walk last week.  It was a great success!  They predicted 1 million dollars in raised funds.  Way to go walkers!  We didn’t walk this year.  Instead we volunteered.  While others rounded the course and mingled with vendors, the All-Star and I manned the bouncy castle and slide.  Good times…and also a lesson in child-care.

diabetes walk

The kids were great.  I learned quickly that they actually appreciated direction and what I feared would be strictness turned into fun.

manning the bouncy castle

The rumors are true, kids like to be told what to do, within reason of course.  Here’s how it worked… As the line grew longer in front of my air-filled station, I opted for groups of five bouncing for 2 minutes to be ended with a trip down the connected slide.  “Slide-time” I shouted and they all raced for the inflatable ladder (if you could call that racing…it was more like tumbling. After all, they were in a bouncy castle.)  Next five in and so on it went.

The All-Star manned the slide.

john on the slide

The kids had a fabulous time and so did we.  Thanks to all involved.  See you again next year!

diabetes walk crowd

I have a new found love for volunteering.  It makes me feel good to go out there and do something for nothing.  The great thing about it is the gratification brings me more joy than a dollar any day.  I’m hoping to find more opportunities to lend a helping hand where I can.  I’m especially interested in offering my acupuncture services where they are needed.  If anyone knows of a local program, (I’m in the Orange County, LA area), or an event that needs an acupuncturist to stick people, let me know.