Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? And how is your Winter going?

I saw a post this morning about Winter that has had me thinking. Am I using my energy as I should be this Winter? Or am I going against the grain of the Season?

We’re made to think the New Year is about action. Making changes – charging forward with confidence and excitement – out with the old and in with the new. And truthfully there IS a rebirth that begins this time of year. The first day of Winter is the Yin within the Yin, which means there is a shift back toward the Yang. The days are get longer. The flowers and the trees have experienced their seasonal death and are moving back into their growth cycle. It is energetically a time to enter into the new. But it doesn’t happen overnight – and it certainly can’t be forced.

Winter is a time for rest and contemplation. A time to make room for stillness – and be thoughtful about the direction we want our energy to go. Through this we begin to prepare ourselves for the year ahead – for all the action and excitement it holds.

We’re like an embryo just conceived. Some of the greatest growth in the life of a human occurs during those first 9 months, all while laying quiet and still in the cuccoon of a womb. In Winter, we are energetically called back into that state, like a bear in hibernation. It may appear on the outside like we are doing nothing, but internally there can be a mountain of ideas and hopefulness growing. Rooted in stillness, but gathering energy – readying us to burst with new life in the Spring.

There is an idea that we need to always be in action in order to keep going. That if we stop we will fail or everything will fall apart. But constant action is exhausting, and not sustainable – especially when we feel ourselves naturally being called into rest. We have to let go of the idea that stillness is laziness. It’s very much the opposite. Yes, it’s a pause, but it’s a pause that prepares us for the next step. It’s like pulling a slingshot back before snapping it forward. We gather our energy so we can move forward with the confidence and clarity to succeed in our tasks.

I mentioned in last week’s newsletter that my intention for the New Year is creating space. Space in my heart – space in my mind – space in my body – and especially space in my surroundings. This is so whenever I feel the need to rest, I can easily turn there – to regroup, to recharge – to over and over again be reborn. Because real life isn’t going to let us hibernate all Winter. We do still need to show up sometimes. By creating space where we know we can always go to rest and replenish – even for just 5 minutes – we can feel more confident and secure when we are in action. We know we will have space for rest and it’ll be ready whenever we need it.

I invite you this week to take a bit of time to create some space for yourself this Winter season. A place where you can go to and rest. Maybe it’s a literal space in your home – a corner to quietly sit for a moment and breathe. Or maybe you dive a little deeper and explore the space in your heart. Invite the breath there. Feel the chest expand and your heart open. Imagine going there and finding a cozy spot to cuddle up and rest, feeling warm and loved, just like when you were growing in the womb. Rooted in stillness but ever-changing and gaining momentum, readying yourself for all the new and exciting things still to come.

I hope you have a wonderful week, my friend.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you today.

I’ll leave you with this mantra of loving-kindness. I truly wish it for you and for all those you love.

May you be safe,

may you be happy,

may you be healthy,

may you live with ease.


Bye for now.