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Why I Do What I Do

Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision doing what I do. I get tired or scared or slightly fed up with life. I worry that I won’t be able to do it for long or that I’m not good enough. I guess that’s natural. But then life reminds me that I love what I do and that I was led down this path and chose to follow it…not because I had to, but because I want to, and I’m good at it.  Everyday I help other people feel better. I listen to their problems. I smile and laugh with them. I look into their eyes and sympathize with their pain and celebrate their triumphs. It’s the most gratifying practice I’ve ever encountered. It still works me to the bone. I’m exhausted right now. But it’s a good feeling. I love what I do!


A Beautiful Day for a Stroll

We’ve had a bit of a temperature shift here in the East Bay Area. Two weeks ago we were hitting one hundred but lately it’s been in the high 60’s with a breeze. Perfect weather for afternoon walk.

My business partner had a patient schedule last minute and asked if I could watch her darling 17 month old, Sienna.  Sienna’s my buddy and so is her mom, so I didn’t mind at all. What better way to spend an hour than with a giggling toddler? But what should we do? I’m not really a fan of the playground and Sienna strongly dislikes my apartment so I decided we’d just go for a walk.

We started at Earth and Air Wellness and made our way to the Iron Horse which is not far down the street. I’ve been jogging this trail a few times a week but this time I thought we’d walk in the opposite direction of my usual path.

We ended up at a cross road where I decided to break from the trail and head up the road where there were some homes. I had never been to that part of town before and was interested to see how folks lived up there. After about  half a mile we came upon Howe Homestead Park, which I never knew existed.

Homestead park is part of the Walnut Creek Open Space division, another thing I didn’t know existed. This particular park was once the home of a man named James P. Howe and his wife Mia.

  • <source>
  • A little fact about Jim, he was one of the earliest and best-known Associated Press world correspondents and traveled the world interviewing well known personalities and reporting on the events of that era.

    So now the property houses the Walnut Creek Community garden and the start of the  Kovar Trail, which if you’re feeling adventurous will lead you 10 miles to Mt. Diablo. I may just have to give that a shot one of these day.

    So all is all it was a great afternoon. Thanks to Sienna needing a babysitter and her mom asking me. If they hadn’t I would have probably just sat in the office surfing the net and blogging and missed out on a very pleasant and educational stroll!

    Have a great weekend!


    Managing a Full Plate

    Another eventful week for this acupuncturist. Besides the start-up of my new Acupuncture practice at Earth and Air Wellness in Walnut Creek, The All-Star, after 6 years, finally decided to take the plunge and ask me to marry him! (Yay!)

    Exciting times to say the least! My life seems to have taken a flying leap off the cliff of wonderment and my head is spinning from the glorious rush. But with the joy comes moments of slight panic. New business, new fiance. Marketing for Earth and Air, planning a Long Island wedding from California. It’s a lot for a girl to handle. Not to mention we just moved from our home! Phew, how am I going to it all?

    Management is key to handling a plate this full. Management of stress, management of time, management of myself in general are what will keep me from wanting to throw my plate against the wall. It’s inevitable that life will get overwhelming at times and you’ll wonder how you’ll get through it all. It happens to me most often at night, when all the day’s work is said and done. The fear will get to me and I’ll break down. Then I’ll come to my senses, usually with a little help from The All-Star, and I begin to look forward to tomorrow. Sometimes it takes a little bit more. A hot shower, some exercise, meditation always helps. Even a few deep breathes can make the world seem so much more clear. Then I remind myself that if I had the strength to take on these tasks, then I have the strength to complete them. For me, bravery usually doesn’t come along for half the ride. Nor should you believe that it does for you.

    So next time you feel like that plate of yours is getting a little heavy, take a good look at it. Do you want everything you’ve shoveled on? If the answer is “yes” then charge forward. You have the strength and the tools to succeed! All you have to do is stay mindful of what is important, take one bite at a time, and remember to enjoy the ride.


    The Benefits of a Rolling Briefcase

    As many of you know, I am now able to walk to work. It is a great and wonderful thing. But like all things in life, it has its drawback. I’m a business owner now and can no longer get by with just my smart-phone. But how to I enjoy my pleasant walk to work with all the “stuff” I need to bring with me?

    The distance from my apartment to Earth and Air Wellness is about 0.4 miles. No problem if I’m taking just a stroll, but even a short walk with an over-sized shoulder bag can reap havoc on my upper body. So I went out and bought a rolling briefcase. rolling briefcaseI had been putting off buying one for a week and a half and I’m glad I did because yesterday Macy’s was having a “One Day Sale” on luggage so I ended up making out like a bandit! Thank you, Universe! The label says Essentials and it really is. Despite the fact that it makes me feel a little like a dweeb, that’s a price I’m willing to pay in order to keep my body at it’s best.

    The disadvantages to carrying a heavy purse truly outweigh the more fashionable benefits. First, the heavier weight on one side leads to improper posture. No one wants that. Then the muscles are forced to over-compensate. More poor posture. Over time this leads to a shortening of the muscles at the shoulder which can eventually cause tension-pain that may spread to the neck and back. Even the muscles on the opposite side can be affected. Then there’s the strain on the shoulder that comes from awkwardly lifting. It’s just not a good thing.clutch

    As fashionable bags get bigger and heavier, it really is a wonder that every woman who walks into my clinic isn’t complaining of shoulder pain. I know I do. The reality is there is really nothing practical about anything more than a wallet. My solution was simple. But surely I won’t be bringing a rolling briefcase out shopping. That’s why, thanks to my Mom who gave me a pretty purple clutch for my birthday, I’ll have the perfect grab-and-go bag without all the pain and hassle.


    Hitting the Streets Marketing

    Besides putting the finishing touches on the new office decor, Earth and Air Wellness has been spending its days hitting the streets of Walnut Creek, business cards in hand and hope in our hearts that our next patient is just waiting to meet us! It seems like an easy enough tasks but in reality walking up to people and saying “hi” is scarier than it seems. Remember the days on the playground when it was okay to sit down next to someone and say “what’s your name?” If only I had the guts I did as a five year old. Maybe I can still muster up a little.

    We’ve done a pretty good job so far, actually. There are tons of shops and salons and studios and cafes. We’re shaking lots hands and dropping plenty of cards. We even got a couple of requests for brochures and possible opportunities for community education. That’s how to do it!

    Walnut Creek is a great place to stroll so it’s not all hard work. The sun has been shining and the afternoons are warm. And everything is so close that it’s completely walkable. I just have to stop myself from handing over money to every merchant in exchange for their fancy collections. Hopefully soon some of them will be handing me money…in exchange for my useful knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture services of course!