Tag: Yoga

  • Listen to the Silence

    I found myself caught up in my own chatter this morning. I have a tendency to work through things this way. Rather than sit with my thoughts, I push them out, and often onto an unsuspecting victim. Sometimes this is well received and ends productive. This morning that was not the case. But instead of […]

  • Trust, Center, and Listen

    Earlier this week, by accident, I found myself in a tai chi class. It’s been years since I’ve practiced this ancient form of exercise, one that combines deep breathing and slow movement. In my typical fast-moving fashion, I had mixed up the times and thought it was going to a yoga class, but the teacher […]

  • Being at Home on the Mat

    This year marks 20 years of my yoga practice! 20 years! Sounds fantastic, right? I should be a pro yogi! Well, the fact is, I’m just like many people who come and go with their practices. I’ve spent hours on my mat, then not touched it for a year. I’ve joined fancy yoga studios, and […]

  • Legs up the Wall

    In a continued effort to downsize my stress, I went in search of websites that could offer some guidance. Fortunately I found just what I was looking for.

  • Managing Stress…and Everything else that Comes with Life

    Even if you do everything in your power to live a happy, healthy life, moments of “low” are inevitable. It’s how you deal with those moments that counts. Next time you’re feeling the crunch, try out some of these stress management tools…